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Why E-RateForSchools

E-RateForSchools is a strong team of degreed, certified professionals that understand E-rate and understand IT.  We provide proven technology products and deliver them with proven processes.  Focusing on customer service we work with you to deliver a complete solution for your technology needs whether you are using E-rate funds or not.

E-RateForSchools’ commitment does not end at qualifying and installing E-rate subsidized products.  Our products and services include the end user equipment (e.g., computers, telephones, etc.), software, professional development, and all the other elements that are necessary to utilize the connectivity funded by the Schools and Libraries Program.

E-RateForSchools’ supports you from the sales cycle, through implementation, and beyond.  We utilize  professional service automation to make it easy for you to participate in project management, technical support, and customer service events. E-rateForSchools  designed a quoting systems to makes it easy for you to understand “eligible” and “ineligible” products and services line items based on their qualification as E-Rate fundable items.

E-RateForSchools eliminates the surprises before, during, and after the completion of your project.  We are committed to doing our homework so your school can be always be prepared for class. 

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