For FY2011, USAC has added an information review process called the Selective Review Information Request (SRIR).  It is important that applicants are able to:


1.  Follow and document your efforts to support the competitive bid process

1.  Retain all vendor selection documentation

2.  Price of the eligible goods and services must be primary factor in all rounds

3.  Other factors, including other price factors, can be considered as well but they cannot be weighted equally or higher than cost of the eligible goods and services

4.   Follow all rules – FCC and state/local

2.  Solution must be cost-effective (not just the most cost-effective

1.  Items priced at two or three times greater than the prices available from commercial vendors would not be cost-effective, absent extenuating circumstances.

2.   Receiving only one bid does not automatically make it cost-effective

3.  Applicants must be able to explain why a solution with higher than average pricing is cost-effective.

4.   Provide as specific an answer with as much objective information as possible.

5.  Service Providers may work with the applicant to help them understand the technical needs for this expensive solution.

3.     Produce an approved budget for eligible and ineligible services

Service providers are not able to respond to Selective Review Information Requests or provide direct or non-direct assistance to pay for the non-discounted portions of the program.  Following a Selective Review, USAC may approve or deny funding.  USAC may also issue a Resource Deficiency Advisory.  It is recommended that the applicants increase their level of funding to ensure they have the necessary resource.

4.  Acquire the planned infrastructure, products, and services necessary to make effective use of eligible products and services. 

   Bottom line - E-RateForSchools will be part of your competitive bid process and help you allocate all of the necessary resources to make your project successful.