To maximize your e-rate funding impact, you should double check the categories of equipment against the approved funding list published by USAC. In some cases, by breaking down a product or service one component that qualifies for e-rate funding can be listed as a separate invoice line item from the other component that does not qualify for the e-rate funding.

E-RateForSchools by listing in each of our proposals whether the item qualifies for funding or not. This industry best practice double checks your categorization of e-rate funding for each items. You are also given suggestions on breaking up the line item purchase to maximize your e-rate funding impact.

E-RateForSchools makes the process transparent for you so that you can readily determine your share of the purchase cost. We assume that your funding rate is 90% unless you have declared a different funding percentage. If you declare a different funding percentage factor then the calculations include the financial impact of your exact funding percentage.

Bottom line - you know the portion of the invoice that you are responsible for paying and which items are covered!