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E-RateForSchools is committed to the well-being of students and returning the USA to best-in-the world educational opportunities. This means that students in the class room need the most current tools in order to learn and nurture each student’s development.

For the public, having access to the internet and a computer is becoming a differentiator between being able to apply for employment and being unable to be productive in today’s society. E-RateForSchools applauds the efforts that public libraries are making to ensure that each person has computer and internet access.

E-RateForSchools is passionate about ensuring that each client obtains the maximum value from their –e-rate subsidy. By helping you succeed then our children and the public will obtain the highest leverage from your IT resources.


Support and Charitable Contributions

You are already aware that your e-rate subsidy is based on participation in the school lunch program. A nourishing lunch is good for learning and important not only to the students in the community but also to the adults. For this reason E-RateForSchools had dedicated 5% of profits to help local community not-for-profits help the schools and community with providing nourishing meals. The organization that we support:

Healthy Living is a an IRS certified 501c3 not for profit organization whose mission is to educate people of all backgrounds, regardless of income, in how to plan and prepare simple, delicious, healthy meals in an environment that is supportive and safe, and which fosters community spirit. We raise people's consciousness about food--its cultivation, history and nutritional value.

Our Natural Cooking Outreach Program (NCOP), through which our staff goes out into the community to reach economically, challenged people where they live, work and receive social services. Our staff conducts healthy cooking classes, food demonstrations and nutritional education programs, as well as develops supportive healthy cooking networks. At present, the NCOP focuses on communities located in Washington, DC.

Corporate Commitments and Attestations

E-RateForSchools is committed to following the USAC rules for service providers. By demonstrating and showing transparency at each step of the process we give you the confidence that we are following the rules. If you are audited we are committed to supporting you fully with document traceability, transparent accounting system, and objective evidence that all rules have been complied with in full. In particular we commit to the following:

  • Based on information known to E-RateForSchools the data being submitted to universal support fund administrator, the Schools, the Libraries, and/or Consortia clients, E-RateForSchools hereby certifies that the data set forth in the proposals, cost quotations, and/or invoices have been examined and reviewed and is true, accurate and complete.


  • E-RateForSchools makes available to customers broken out prices for distinct services and equipment to assist Billed Entity Applicants in identifying the portions of their invoices that represent the costs of services provided to eligible entities for eligibility purposes. E-RateForSchools maximizes your funding commitment dollars!


  • E-RateForSchools acknowledges the Fund Administrator’s authority to request additional supporting information as may be necessary. E-RateForSchools retains all documents and records for at least five (5) years to support any audits. E-RateForSchools recognizes that we may be audited or asked to assist in providing audit documents and records on behalf of a client.


  • The prices in any offer that E-RateForSchools have been arrived at independently, in an open competition, without any prohibited anti-trust activity.


  • The proposals and prices quoted are considered proprietary information of the School, Library, or Consortia and will not disclosed by E-RateForSchools to any other competitor before bid opening (in the case of a sealed bid solicitation) or contract award (in the case of a negotiated solicitation) unless otherwise required by law.


  • Top management, staff, and contractors are committed to the Fair and Open Bidding Act as stated in the FCC Rules and Regulations.