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Professional Information Technology Services for Schools

Your mission is education - our mission is to support you.

E-RateForSchools is a comprehensive source for all educational IT needs. We understand e-rate eligibility and will provide you with timely, clear, meaningful information to ensure the success of your project. Our degreed, certified professionals have years of experience implementing IT systems across a broad range of project sizes and complexities.

We work hard to “handle it” so you can focus on the most important thing, teaching the students.

Our One Stop Technology Center can help you with e-rate subsidized prodcts and services or help you find just the right solution for your school.

Targted Education Solutions allows us to target technologies and preferred vendors based on your requirements. Cabling, firewalls, security, routers, switches, battery backup, servers, workstations, phone systems, wireless, software – we provide the services you need to ensure a safe, productive, stable IT environment.

Service Strengths

Engineered for Success
We practice what we preach – applying the same engineering, technologies, and best practices with appropriate quality bars for ourselves as we apply to our customers. We support intense internal training, detailed lab testing, ongoing credentialing, continued education, and industry awareness with professional associations and consulting groups to ensure your quality and success.

Project Management
Successful projects require professional management. Our experienced project management professionals are leaders in the industry who follow industry standard best practices to ensure the success of your IT projects.

Our professional project management services differentiate us from other IT services organizations. When you utilize our project managers, you get total control: current status, budget targets, issue tracking, timelines, task dependency and more... the information you need to make effective decisions and to ensure quality results.

We give you real time visibility into the project life cycle including detailed task and time tracking, ongoing feedback mechanisms, and regular status updates. We operate on your timeline within your constraints to deliver outstanding results - every time.

Process Efficiency
We take pride in our ability to identify and apply technologies to improved business efficiency. We use the same products and services internally to automate processes, establish internal controls, and reduce wasted so our focus can stay on the most important part of the business, our customers.