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Whether you are looking for e-rate subsidized products and services or you just need the right solution for your school, ERate4Schools has the expertise to help you.

E-Rate Eligible Services
E-RateForSchools offers E-Rate eligible Priority 2 products and services according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) definitions for (3) Internal Connections and (4) Basic Maintenance as related to the Federal E-Rate program for Schools and Libraries. The FCC defines four e-rate service descriptions areas; a summary follows:

Priority 1 Services

1. Telecommunications Services

Voice services offered by a FCC licensed carrier that utilize the Public Switched Telephone Network

2. Internet Access

Data services that provide access to Public Internet space and the related services that are an integral part of this access


Priority 2 Services

3. Internal Connections

Technologies and related services that are necessary to transport information to classrooms, publicly accessed rooms in libraries, and eligible administrative of these buildings and premises. These technologies are subject to the provisions of the “Two-in-Five Rule.”
Popular Internal Connection technologies include: Data Distribution, Link Balancers, Firewalls, Servers, VoIP, and Data Protection.

4. Basic Maintenance

Services that ensure the necessary and continued operation of eligible internal connection components at eligible locations. These technologies are subject to the provisions of the “Two-in-Five Rule.”