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Your mission is education - our mission is to support you.

E-RateForSchools is a comprehensive source for all educational IT needs. We understand e-rate eligibility and will provide you with timely, clear, meaningful information to ensure the success of your project. Our degreed, certified professionals have years of experience implementing IT systems across a broad range of project sizes and complexities.

We work hard to “handle it” so you can focus on the most important thing, teaching the students.

Our One Stop Technology Center can help you with E-Rate subsidized prodcts and services or help you find just the right solution for your school.

Targted Education Solutions allows us to target technologies and preferred vendors based on your requirements. 

Cabling, firewalls, security, routers, switches, battery backup, servers, workstations, phone systems, wireless, software – we provide the services you need to ensure a safe, productive, stable IT environment.

Service Strengths

Engineered for Success
We practice what we preach – applying the same engineering, technologies, and best practices with appropriate quality bars for ourselves as we apply to our customers. We support intense internal training, detailed lab testing, ongoing credentialing, continued education, and industry awareness with professional associations and consulting groups to ensure your quality and success.

Project Management
Successful projects require professional management. Our experienced project management professionals are leaders in the industry who follow industry standard best practices to ensure the success of your IT projects.


Our professional project management services differentiate us from other IT services organizations. When you utilize our project managers, you get total control: current status, budget targets, issue tracking, timelines, task dependency and more... the information you need to make effective decisions and to ensure quality results.


We give you real time visibility into the project life cycle including detailed task and time tracking, ongoing feedback mechanisms, and regular status updates. We operate on your timeline within your constraints to deliver outstanding results - every time.

Process Efficiency
We take pride in our ability to identify and apply technologies to improved business efficiency. We use the same products and services internally to automate processes, establish internal controls, and reduce wasted so our focus can stay on the most important part of the business, our customers.

Internal Connections
  • Internal Connections

    Internal Connections are components located at the school or library site that are necessary to transport information to classrooms, publicly accessible rooms of a library, and to eligible administrative areas or buildings. Internal Connections include connections within, between or among instructional buildings that comprise a school campus or library branch, but do not include services that extend beyond the school campus or library branch. Components at the applicant site are eligible only if they are an essential element in the transmission of information within the school or library. The components must be necessary to transport information all the way to individual classrooms or public areas of a library.

    The “Two-in-Five Rule” applies to Internal Connections. The “Two-in-Five Rule” indicates that each eligible school or library may obtain support for Internal Connections funding requests every two out of five years. This limitation applies only to Internal Connections and not to requests appropriately categorized as Telecommunications Services, Internet Access, or Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections.

    E-RateForSchools maintains a broad and deep set of skills to help schools obtain and implement technologies that are eligible for E-Rate subsidy as Internal Connections. This includes an extensive list of equipment and software. A list of the most common items requested follows:

    Data Distribution
    including Link Balancer, Voice over IP, Video over IP, Access Points, Hubs, Multiplexers, and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) controllers. All these components may be part of a wireless local area network.

    Data Protection
    including Firewalls, Proxy Servers, Tape Backup for eligible servers, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)/Battery Backup that protects eligible equipment.

    Interfaces, Gateways, and Antennas
    Bridges, Cable Modem, Channel Service Unit, CSU, Data Service Unit, Gateway, Network Interface Card (NIC), Media Converter, Voice Fax Network Module, antennas used for internet or telephony connectivity, antenna mast that support eligible Internal Connections (large antenna towers are not included).

    Operating System (OS) software and email software that is server based.

    Servers, Firewalls, and Security
    Dynamic Host Configuration Servers, Domain Name Servers, Email Servers, Firewall Servers, and Proxy Servers.

    VoIP Telephony
    Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Key Service Unit (KSU), Voice Mail, Wireless, VoIP telephony equipment, Automatic Route Server (ARS), E911, Voice Compression Module, Voice Interface Card, and Switchboard / Attendant console.

Basic Maintenance
  • Basic Maintenance

    Basic Maintenance is required to ensure a reliable and dependable communications network. Basic Maintenance ensures the necessary and continued operation of eligible internal Connection components at eligible locations. E-rate funding for a technical support contract will not be provided if it includes services that exceed basic maintenance. Services must be delivered within the July 1 to June 30 Funding Year. The “Two-in-Five Rule” does NOT apply to Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections.

    E-RateForSchools has a strong team of support professionals that is qualified to handle questions you may have regarding maintenance. Maintenance services need to be invoiced appropriately in order to maximize funding allocations. E-RateForSchools uses an advanced invoicing system that separately codes products and services as “eligible” and “ineligible” valid based on their qualification as e-rate fundable items. When you use E-RateForSchools there should be surprises for you before, during, and after project completion.

    Maintenance and Technical Support of Internal Connections includes:

    • Repair and upkeep of eligible hardware for Servers, Firewalls, and Security.

    • Wire and cable maintenance.

    • Basic technical support for VoIP Telephony and Data Protection.

    • Configuration changes for servers, firewalls, and security.

Servers and Personal Computers
  • Servers and Personal Computers

    Servers and personal computers are the primary information technology tools for schools and libraries; most other technologies exist to support these core machines.  E-RateForSchools understands today’s  computer solutions and we will help you find reliable, productive solutions.


    In addition to matching computing solutions to your needs, we will help you understand the conditions under which the e-rate subsidy can help you cover your computer investment costs.  Some server solutions and associated maintenance are eligible while personal computers are not.  The eligibility rules can be a little complicated.   


    For example mail servers are generally eligible while terminal servers can be eligible if all of the connecting sites and all of the software it serves are also eligible.  Generally, to be eligible, the entire use for the server must be eligible.  E-Rate4Schools has the expertise to help you understand the eligibility rules and technology alike.  Let us help you find sound, economical servers and personal computer solutions.  Whether you need a Microsoft Exchange server, a Cent OS FTP server, VMWare virtualization, or a variety of workstations, tablets, and readers, we welcome your call.

VoIP Stations
  • VoIP Stations

    We recognize that schools usually need an entire phone system, not just the E-Rate eligible parts. In addition to industry leading VoIP phone switches, E-RateForSchools provides a full complement of phone stations, accessories and services to give you the accountability and simplicity of a single vendor owning your voice solution from end to end.

Information Security
  • Information Security

    E-RateForSchools has information security experts with real world audit experience who can ensure that you implement the security systems that meet your school needs. Although schools must be compliant to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the technologies that are necessary to maintain this compliance are generally not E-Rate eligible. E-RateForSchools understands today’s security challenges and can help you with virus protection, web filtering, intrusion prevention, data leakage prevention, secure email, security event management and reporting.

Maintenance and Managed Services
  • Maintenance and Managed Services

    E-RateForSchools supports what it sells. We know e-rate and we know technology. We offer product and service agreements for our products even if they are not e-rate eligible. We are there for you with support options for non-eligible products, network management, comprehensive helpdesk, managed services, and on-site support staff.

Internet Availability - Link Balancers
  • Internet Availability - Link Balancers

    E-RateForSchools utilizes Link Balancer technology to help schools satisfy growing demands for Internet bandwidth and address Internet outage risks while giving the school greater flexibility to mix and match the best Internet Provider value and service.

    Schools continue to increase both their dependency on the Internet and the amount of bandwidth required to service their e-rate eligible internal connection devices. As cloud based technologies like hosted e-mail, web centric learning tools continue to grow, and VoIP becomes more popular, the business impact of an outage moves from a low impact problem to a high impact problem. This creates a demand for solutions that economically and easily allow a school to increase Internet capacity, reduce circuit outage risks, or even change Internet suppliers with minimum efforts, costs, and downtime.

    A Link Balancer keeps you connected.

    A special type of switching device called a Link Balancer is a technology that allows schools to easily and economically add bandwidth from the best fit Internet Provider and simultaneously solve business continuity or outage problems associated with a single Internet source. A Link Balancer allows a school to aggregate or simultaneously use two or more Internet circuits to meet the needs of Internet capacity growth. This e-rate eligible device is both economical and practical, providing the following benefits:

    • Allows schools to add bandwidth from the most economical and diverse sources independent of technology or provider (T-1, cable, fiber, DSL, wireless…) Often two or three different technologies provide more bandwidth, more redundancy, and lower costs than a single pipe.

    • Protects schools from construction “dig” outages by allowing them to intentionally mix wired and wireless Internet Providers.

    • Insulates schools from performance problems on a given Internet circuit.

    • Reduces the dependency on tedious and uncontrollable provisioning schedules that are associated with provisioning a new Internet Provider by maintaining more than one active Internet circuit

    • Eliminates the costs, downtime, and headaches associated with the process of changing statically assigned IP numbers to your servers and PBX when changing from one Internet Provider to another.

    • Improves the schools’ position if it ever has to negotiate with an ISP over a service or billing issue

    From our research, testing, and customer feedback, preferred vendors for this solution include: Elfiq Networks

Power and Data Protection
  • Power and Data Protection

    Data Protection – backup and disaster recovery

    Education is your first priority, and your network of workstations and servers is an invaluable tool to provide quality education. Consequently, protecting this learning environment is also one of your most important challenges. Reliable data protection enables you to focus on education by ensuring reliable solutions throughout your organization.

    With the rapidly increasing amounts of stored data and the addition of virtualization technologies, data protection software is evolving from file based backup technologies to block level technologies to better accommodate data volume, backup speed, and system recovery.

    E-RateForSchools recommends Data Protection solutions that feature integrated source and target based deduplication, comprehensive data protection for virtual environments, and advanced monitoring and reporting across domains.

    This e-rate eligible device includes the following benefits:

    • Reduces backup space by 10 fold

    • Reduces backup window problem with its version of incremental backup

    • Aids in disaster recovery and business continuity solutions

    From our research, testing, and customer feedback, preferred vendors for this solution include: Symantec


    Power Protection

    Many of the mysteries of equipment failures downtime, software failures, and data corruption are the result of a problematic source of power. It is important that mission-critical equipment such as servers, routers, switches, and access points be provided with a high quality, always-on power source and the ability to gracefully shut down during power outages.

    E-RateForSchools recognizes power standards and bodies like the IEEE govern good engineering disciplines to ensure power quality and prevent threats like transients, overvoltage, undervoltage, power interruptions, waveform distortion, voltage fluctuations, and frequency variations. We understand power and would welcome the opportunity to help you obtain the right sized solution for your school.

    Our power protection is e-rate eligible and includes the following benefits:

    • Conformance with all applicable IEEE standards concerning power quality

    • Available multi sever shutdown module and environment measurements

    • SNMP support

    • Scalable product line

    • Easy battery replacement

    From our research, testing, and customer feedback, preferred vendors for this solution include: American Power Conversion (APC)

Server Solutions
  • Server Solutions

    Advances in hardware technology today allows schools to leverage servers more than ever before. Multi core processors, large memory capacities, fast system bus and disk I/O speeds combined with 64 bit operating systems and declining unit storage costs allow schools to realize great efficiencies from system upgrades.

    However, e-rate eligible server acquisitions can be tricky. In order for a Server to be E-Rate eligible, it must be used as a conduit of information instead of a source for content and it must transport information to a classroom or library.

    • The E-mail, Firewall, and Proxy Server roles are clear in their eligibility.

    • Remote Access and Terminal server roles are not as clear cut. To be eligible, they must be accesses only by eligible locations (no home or ineligible sites) and they may only host eligible software.

    Servers often serve multiple roles and non-eligible roles must be cost allocated. Virtualization and Terminal Server technologies are great additions to most environments and they are also eligible in the right scenarios.

    E-RateForSchools would welcome the opportunity to assist you with the server and software technologies that best fit your needs. We can help you maximize your e-rate subsidy and properly document the transaction. Our team understands server hardware, software, and licensing technologies and how it relates to e-rate.

    E-rate eligible server solutions from E-RateForSchools include the following benefits:

    • Access to the top industry hardware and software

    • Dedicated, determined staff to help you obtain the right eligible soluiton

    • Knowledge of today’s top technologies

    • Software licensing expertise

    • E-Rate knowledge and experience

    • Accountability from sales through install and ongoing support

    • Competitive pricing with extraordinary value

    From our research, testing, and customer feedback, preferred vendors for this solution include: Dell, HP

Data Distribution - Routing, Switching, Wireless
  • Data Distribution - Routing, Switching, Wireless

    Routing, switching, and wireless devices comprises the core of network infrastructure today. These devices carry your network communications to and from all destinations and sources. Deploying reliable, scalable, manageable equipment is the key to managing uptime and costs.

    E-RateForSchools understands the importance of using quality data distribution equipment and how to size the right equipment for your situation. Whether your need connectivity to a few devices at a small site or a complex mesh of interconnections across sites with high availably equipment, we want to help you obtain the best solution.

    Routers and Switches

    Routers and switches must deliver highly secure, scalable solutions built on class-leading features, standards-based technologies, and cost-effective designs. Whether equipping a small school, a multisite educational campus, or a data center, routers and switches must offer the flexibility, performance, and security to meet the challenges of rapidly evolving school and library network requirements.


    E-RateForSchools routing and switching solutions take a systems-level approach. We recommend and use products that embed management features into the network and integrate school-critical and library-critical services. E-RateForSchools best practices and mature technology choices across all product offerings help you boost productivity, meet customer needs, and reduce operating costs. Our span of expertise includes smaller environments with needs for a router and a couple switches to large distributed campus environments that include hundreds of devices.

    E-RateForSchools has chosen eligible routing and switching products for school and library campuses environments that include the following benefits:

    • Scalable, flexible architecture

    • Robust product line to accommodate all needs

    • Operating system features, stability, and widespread usage

    • Product life, support, and long term value

    From our research, testing, and customer feedback, preferred vendors for this solution include: HP, Cisco



    Wireless devices have become ubiquitous in all environments including the school and library campuses. Streaming video can help educators teach and students learn. However, wireless environments pose challenges for technology integrators. These challenges include ever increasing bandwidth and data throughput needs such as streaming video, interference from the environment as well as from collocated devices, and multiple technologies sharing the same space and in many cases the same frequency bands. Security is even more important in a wireless environment due to physical safe guards such as a locked door or restricted physical access are not effective in a wireless environment. The administration and educator data must also be secure from the student body who are all collocated on the same campus.

    E-RateForSchools recognizes these challenges and has both security products and security staff ready to assist you. When providing a wireless solution we offer alternatives including secure access points (AP) that stand alone and solutions that integrate with your firewall and offer “over-the-air” Virus, Web, Intrusion prevention protection services. Knowing that the most secure device is no more secure than the attention given to its installation, E-RateForSchools maintains a staff of security experts with real world information security audit experience to ensure that your school, administration, and students are safe.

    Superior performance by itself is not sufficient; theses e-rate eligible devices also include the following features and benefits:

    • Consistent high level performance delivery to all users with support for older technologies such as IEEE 802.11 a/g

    • Superior antenna design and transmission bandwidth to accommodate the growing demands for multimedia and larger bandwidth transmissions

    • Security consciousness like Rogue AP detection

    • Optimized performance for multimedia over wireless to prepares your network for the transition to pervasive mobile video.

    From our research, testing, and customer feedback, preferred vendors for this solution include: Fortinet and Cisco

Firewall and Security
  • Firewall and Security

    Security is a growing need for all businesses including schools libraries. It is a fact that all code contains bugs, no matter the experience of the development team. Unfortunately, the economics of "black hats" finding bugs far outweigh the economics of "white hats" fixing them. This may not mean that your school is a target for an attack to see into your grade or accounting system, but it does mean that without good protection you are likely to spend a considerable amount of time and money addressing computer problems and IT support activities that are associated to exploited vulnerabilities. Further, regulation like the Children Internet Protection Act (CIPA) sets important security protection standards for allowed behavior and interaction with content on the Internet.

    E-RateForSchools understands the information security issues schools and libraries face today and we understand the ways the e-rate program can assist with these challenges. We have expertise in all major firewall and security technologies and we have staff with information security audit experience.

    The E-Rate program today subsidizes the firewall part of today’s information security technologies, and does not consider the following additional protection services eligible:

    • Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

    • Intrusion Detection (IDS)

    • Web Filtering

    • Virus Protection

    • Data Leakage Protection (DLP)

    Ironically, CIPA compliance is required to receive e-rate subsidy, but the web filtering technology necessary to enforce this compliance is not eligible.

    E-RateForSchools can make firewalls and security services easy and economical for your school. We continuously research and test the solutions available on the marketplace to identify the value and performance measures that are important to schools. We would welcome the opportunity to help you maximize your protection and minimize your costs with a solution that fits your needs.

    Our e-rate eligible firewall solutions include the following benefits:

    • CIPA Compliance

    • Low administration costs with one interface for all protection services

    • Simple, economical addition of the essential, non-eligible services

    • All common VPN support – SSL portal, SSL client, IPSec client, site-site VPN

    • Scalable, secure wireless integration options

    • Scalable product line from small to enterprise

    • Modular multi-device management, log analysis, and reporting

    From our research, testing, and customer feedback, preferred vendors for this solution include: Fortinet

VoIP Telephony
  • VoIP Telephony

    VoIP telephony is the convergence of innovative technologies with traditional systems to enable more efficient, economical communications for educational and library users. New platforms offer customizable, feature rich web-based functionality and desktop integration features that simplify training while expanding function. Systems today integrate web conferencing and encourage educational institutions to participate at a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives. VoIP allows for seamless integration of real-time communication services such as IP telephony, instant messaging, presence information, call control, and speech recognition with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging (integrated voicemail, email, SMS and fax).

    E-RateForSchools has extensive telephone background and chooses VoIP phone systems that are flexible, feature rich, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and easy-to-support. Many systems are sold on features and when it comes time to implement, the message shifts to “less is more” due to the complexity of the setup. Our VoIP systems are easy to understand and they include conferencing, call recording, call queues, IVR functionality, voicemail, and many other features in a single all-inclusive solution. Our systems scale up to 400 stations with 75 simultaneous calls per device and they support multiple sites and high availability.

    We support the well-established Asterisk framework as a leading telephony platform in enterprise and hosted applications down to small to medium business bundled systems. This e-rate eligible device includes the following benefits:

    • Ease of use

    • Rich, understandable features

    • Flexibility and scalability

    • Handset flexibility (handsets are non-eligible) Polycom, Citel, Cisco…

    • iPhone and Blackberry integration

    From our research, testing, and customer feedback, preferred vendors for this solution include: Digium