Basic Maintenance is required to ensure a reliable and dependable communications network. Basic Maintenance ensures the necessary and continued operation of eligible internal Connection components at eligible locations. E-rate funding for a technical support contract will not be provided if it includes services that exceed basic maintenance. Services must be delivered within the July 1 to June 30 Funding Year. The “Two-in-Five Rule” does NOT apply to Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections.

E-RateForSchools has a strong team of support professionals that is qualified to handle questions you may have regarding maintenance. Maintenance services need to be invoiced appropriately in order to maximize funding allocations. E-RateForSchools uses an advanced invoicing system that separately codes products and services as “eligible” and “ineligible” valid based on their qualification as e-rate fundable items. When you use E-RateForSchools there should be surprises for you before, during, and after project completion.

Maintenance and Technical Support of Internal Connections includes:

  • Repair and upkeep of eligible hardware for Servers, Firewalls, and Security.

  • Wire and cable maintenance.

  • Basic technical support for VoIP Telephony and Data Protection.

  • Configuration changes for servers, firewalls, and security.