Advances in hardware technology today allows schools to leverage servers more than ever before. Multi core processors, large memory capacities, fast system bus and disk I/O speeds combined with 64 bit operating systems and declining unit storage costs allow schools to realize great efficiencies from system upgrades.

However, e-rate eligible server acquisitions can be tricky. In order for a Server to be E-Rate eligible, it must be used as a conduit of information instead of a source for content and it must transport information to a classroom or library.

  • The E-mail, Firewall, and Proxy Server roles are clear in their eligibility.

  • Remote Access and Terminal server roles are not as clear cut. To be eligible, they must be accesses only by eligible locations (no home or ineligible sites) and they may only host eligible software.

Servers often serve multiple roles and non-eligible roles must be cost allocated. Virtualization and Terminal Server technologies are great additions to most environments and they are also eligible in the right scenarios.

E-RateForSchools would welcome the opportunity to assist you with the server and software technologies that best fit your needs. We can help you maximize your e-rate subsidy and properly document the transaction. Our team understands server hardware, software, and licensing technologies and how it relates to e-rate.

E-rate eligible server solutions from E-RateForSchools include the following benefits:

  • Access to the top industry hardware and software

  • Dedicated, determined staff to help you obtain the right eligible soluiton

  • Knowledge of today’s top technologies

  • Software licensing expertise

  • E-Rate knowledge and experience

  • Accountability from sales through install and ongoing support

  • Competitive pricing with extraordinary value

From our research, testing, and customer feedback, preferred vendors for this solution include: Dell, HP