Servers and personal computers are the primary information technology tools for schools and libraries; most other technologies exist to support these core machines.  E-RateForSchools understands today’s  computer solutions and we will help you find reliable, productive solutions.


In addition to matching computing solutions to your needs, we will help you understand the conditions under which the e-rate subsidy can help you cover your computer investment costs.  Some server solutions and associated maintenance are eligible while personal computers are not.  The eligibility rules can be a little complicated.   


For example mail servers are generally eligible while terminal servers can be eligible if all of the connecting sites and all of the software it serves are also eligible.  Generally, to be eligible, the entire use for the server must be eligible.  E-Rate4Schools has the expertise to help you understand the eligibility rules and technology alike.  Let us help you find sound, economical servers and personal computer solutions.  Whether you need a Microsoft Exchange server, a Cent OS FTP server, VMWare virtualization, or a variety of workstations, tablets, and readers, we welcome your call.